Saturday, October 22, 2005

now, it's official

dear sigmund,

yes, it's true... i'm one year older. i'm starting my second quarter of century and i'm not more depresed than the last five birthdays, funny, isn't it?
it's quite early for a saturday morning, i woke up around seven - there was, again, a very noisy party in my head - i took two aspirins and then i took a shower. i slept at eb's, she's a great gal and wonderful friend. i had one of the best 'shared birthday party', yes, she organized a birthday party for me and M, we had lots of fun. i met new people, had fun, great french meats and chees -yes, the smelly ones- and, as always, a few bottles of wine and as it was a birthday party -even if i don't like it- champagne. i remember a bottle of tequila and that strange croatian drink. very nice party indeed.
i think this morning i'll have a good walk and buy some stuff for breakfast -i don't think eb, jd or any of the two other girls will be up before eleven or twelve- that's why i'm having a coffee and writing you from the "cafe and co" at liberte.
well, i'll write you tonight after the siteseeing -eb's friends never been in lyon before.
have a great day!

ps: enjoy your self, is later than you think.

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