Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sunday Morning Update

Dear Sigmund,

How are you doing? Can you smell it? Yeah, it's fruit cake, Ponche (Mexican Ponche, not the French stuff), Apple salad, Pork Chops, Turkey... It's Christmas!! Yes, I know... I'm always thinking food... But that a real pleasure!! Sex and Food... Yeah... And it's even more interesting if put'em together... Yeah... Am I hungry or horny today? Well, I don't know...

This is only a small update: I finally found one family to spend Hanukkah!! Yeah!! Chicken Soup, some nice bread, little rolls... Plantegg... Hum... I'll be eating Holidays' food for what? A month?
That's going to be wonderful my dear Sigmund... I'll fetch some recipes for you... Ah! Jewish food... Can wait to taste that again... mhhh...

Anyhow, another quickie: Les Marches de Noël sont là !!! Yeah..Those wonderfuls little wooden houses, selling all kind of stuff are here: for three weeks they'll be selling gifts, decorations and FOOD... Can yobelieveve it? I guess coming to France wasn't a good idea for my shape, but it was a great one for my appetite.
Tonight I'll try to take a look at Macon's Marche de Noel and drink some "Vin Chaud à ta santé"
Well, have a nice holidays time

See you on 12/12

Edgar Barrera

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