Friday, May 26, 2006


Dear Sigmund,
I've been quite busy to write. After my final's week, I came in picardie to take some days off. This is a lovely place (many sun-lovers beach-goers will say i'm crazy): nothing is better to wash out your brain than a great gray sky, some showers and some little bits of history.
This afternoon and after a nice left overs meal, we are in our way to visit some nice museums and to buy some cheese and some wine. ah! speaking of the former, I think I finally understood why the bordeaux and I are not friends: I"ve never been down there... I love burgundies, alsacians and the wines from Lyon because I've lived there! For the next holidays, I guess, I'll have to force myself to go west and pray to st emilion for new experiences.
I'm not driving and I'm about to take a nap... Write you later my dear Sigmund, and remember:

~ EB

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