Friday, September 8, 2006

fuck! my back is killing me!

can someone just divorce his back, dear sigmund? mine has been killing me for almost five weeks!
every single day i have to think twice before getting my arse out of bed.
and what do the doctors say you may ask... well, i arranged an appointment with YD's doctor, mrs Torraldo, but it's for this next tuesday. one day last week i was in real pain and i wasn't just going to sit and wait, so i asked cecile if she knew another one and she gave me the phone number of mr DD. for him my problem wasn't my back but my liver! the hell he's right. he gave me some sugar with alcohol and banned all flour and my from my diet. no more pasta, cheese, hot bread nor cakes... not even my daily special k mega bowl with full milk.
it's been a week and the pain is still there and i guess i've not only lost 50 euros but 75... yes, medicine is not free.
have a nice friday.
~ Edgar Barrera

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