Thursday, January 11, 2007

UPDATE on Cisco's iPhone Trademark

Well, I wasn't aware of this. This morning while I was reading wired I found a note about this on "Cult of Mac". The post made by Cisco's PR is amazing and doesn't sounds like the usual Corporate Crap. I guess Apple Inc and Cisco can reach an agreement. They're both great companies and I guess they are not ready to afford the bad publicity a legal battle may bring in.
From my point of view, it's quite easy to differenciate both products, after all aren't they called Apple's iPhone and Linksys' iPhone? On the geek side... I'm so sorry Cisco, but listen, the 7300 is a great product! (with a Crappy name)

Read the PR post:
Commentary from Mark Chandler, Cisco's SVP and General Counsel, on Apple's infringement of Cisco's iPhone trademark.

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