Friday, March 16, 2007

Bloody Friday

Dear Sigmund,

Here I am, once again stuck in a train station. Some kind of technical problem and the train gets "canceled". Yes, just like that... and the next one is in more than one hour!

Bloody Friday! First, this morning I had an accident with my bed's edge and my bedroom's door... it bloody hurts and one of my left foot fingers is turning black and bruised.

The the bloody Compaq had her usual crashes and made me lost my all morning work!

For the 'bloody' part, well... while shaving, I cut my nose. A tiny cut, but trust me, I know how to bleed.

And finally, I had a rendez-vous at 19h and, thanks to the SNCF, I won't show up before 20h30.

I just hope I won't break a leg or eat something rotten.

Have a happy FUBAR Friday!

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