Friday, March 23, 2007

Cube Warfare Using Cube Ammo!

The guys at are my heroes! What's the next thing they will be putting out there? R/C Coffee Cups? Or Flying Sandwich Boxes?

Next Friday, load your weapon and CTF*!
(*capture the folder)

Despite many requests from our customers to carry rubber band guns here at ThinkGeek in the past, we've simply never found an RBG product line that worked well enough to warrant toying with. That has changed. The Firewheel is the first RBG we've studied to fix the problems plagued by other RBGs on the market. We think you'll agree. Load up to ten rubber bands at once, and then accurately shoot them off one by one, all at once, or in small bursts. Whatever the moment dictates. Lifetime warranty and some of the cheapest ammo on the planet assures you'll always be able to respond to those lame ambushes from the lemmings in sales...

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