Tuesday, March 27, 2007

More on twitter

"Twenty Two Tasty Tools for Tweeting Twitters" by John Wiseman

Let's see... once again: "Twenty Two Tasty Tools for Tweeting Twitters"

Hello (and good Morning) my dear Sigmund,

I'm trying to unwind in my bed and also trying to get some sleep... but apparently I won't sleep more than 4 hours...

Well, as you maybe have seen (or heard) I've twittering for the last days and it's amazing how addictive this idea is!!

Check out Wiseman's post on twitter and try to say aloud said tittle.

Have fun dear Sigmund.


Teobromina said...

The Nagging Editor makes an appearance:


ebarrera said...

Note To The Editor: TYVM

it's -> its -> said