Saturday, April 7, 2007

The 10 Real Reasons Why Geeks Make Better Lovers

I'm taking a coffee break (I'm doing stuff in the garden) and reading my feeds and my twitter. This article form Wired cuaght my eyes... It's so bloody true!
Girls, go and grab a geek!
(do you have my gmail?)

Here's a teaser,and here the link to full article

Geeks get things done

Geeks know all the shortcuts. They research your interests, send you surprise gifts, plan your perfect vacation, get the bills and grocery shopping out of the way, write to their mothers, and tease you mercilessly, all while pretending to work. And when you ask them to set up your home Wi-Fi or install a home theater, it's done quickly, expertly and without complaint.

In other words, geeks know how to get everything else out of the way so there's more time for lovemaking.

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