Monday, June 4, 2007

Sophie Ferjani

Beautiful Girl on Direct8How often do you see someone and start to make a whole story about you and that person? That's a thing I used to do pretty often, but now it's a long lost habit that came back to me yesterday while I was watching TV. This beautiful lady is Sophie Ferjani and she's a French interior designer []. I'm thinking to write a short story about her, and setting the whole story in her flat (Yeah!, I loved her flat (cf Video)), but otherwise the whole story will be fictional, I may even change her name or something... But the most important thing is that I'll try to write it in French, it's been a long time since the last time I wrote something personal in French.
I'll be posting more news as soons as I have more, but for the moment enjoy this Video, go to her website and, if your are here in lovely France, you can use her services or buy her books.

Ah! Very important!

Reportage sur Sophie Ferjani sur Téva

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