Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Ugly Camera

Here I'm, taking a pause between chopping wood, painting, breaking things, editing video and burning DVD... and what do I do with my free time? WHAT FREE TIME!? Every time I open my Google Reader I have the dramatic (100+) Items.
Today I came across two articles that are great for my way of life, the first a Potatoes Scrubber (I already emailed the right persons) and a great wonderful bad looking Digital Camera: And this is the ideal Camera for the lazy boy I'm!
This camera not only is ugly and covered of rubber, it's sand dust, water and dust proof! It has a 6MP CCD sensor chip and it only weights 230g!!

I know that somewhere out there in the world is willing to make me test this camera in real conditions, and I'll be glad to do it.


Sturdy and watertight for capturing special perspectives

The DC 6033 WP opens up new horizons for digital photography with MINOX! Boasting a sturdy body which is watertight to a depth of ten meters, this digital camera stands up to dust, water, sand and salt and has been specially designed for use in a rough environment. The new MINOX is therefore not just an absolute highlight for all extreme sports and outdoor enthusiasts, its performance is also valued in the industry and the building sector. This camera is geared to capture outstanding perspectives, whether canyoning, on the beach, diving or sailing, or in hard everyday working life.

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