Sunday, September 9, 2007

What is wrong with them? [rant mode]

I don't want to buy a Zune or any other kind of WMA device! No! And I've never asked for anything to those guy! How come that their are now talking "in behalf" of all the iPod users?
I'm much more than happy buying iPod and song/albums from the iTunes Store. It's the service I need, the content that I need and the products that just work. I have no need to wonder who is spying on me every-time I'm on the internet and some crappy WMADRM server is querying my Windows machine asking if I'm a pirate, a pedophile or a child molester. No! I'm just someone who loves music and that all. I need a reliable service, good prices and great products. And guess what... it wasn't Redmond ho has been making all those wonderful products or providing those services... it's been Cupertino!

If one day I feel the need to end DRM, I'll salute the EMI-APPLE's idea and buy from them and not from those greedy guys at Universal... I mean, after all WE, THE USERS, buy the Music, in any case they are making us a favor just for putting that content on a CD or on an Online store, we are the buyers, we are the users, we should have the power to make all thing evolve, not those greedy lawyers trying to sue Apple for what they call " exclusionary and anticompetitive" attitudes...
Hell no! Go back to your chairs and sue some other people... like the Oil companies, that's some kind of monopoly... or all the contractors in Irak... that's monopoly.


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