Monday, November 14, 2005

It's been 15 days!

Dear Sigmund,

It has been more than 15 days and VR is still around Europe. I had to interrupt my trip to go back to my normal life back in Lyon for a few days (merely a week). But we’ll meet next Wednesday at the Brussels Rail Station. We have still a couple of days before the big trip going back to Mexico. There are also some very exciting new projects that I’m planning to start… It has been a very productive trip this time. I was able to unlock a few things I’ve been keeping locked away for a while and now everything seems to be working quite well.
Well, I’ll try to make a live update from Brussels and remember, the Podcasting project is still running and there will be something before the end of the month, so go and get a copy of iTunes or some other aggregator.
See you (and I won’t bring you anything from Brussels but a little tiny chocolate)



Anonymous said...

so, we'll se the podcast project quand?

ebarrera said...

Well, the first episode is already recorded.
I hope it will be mixed and cleaned for 12/12.
I guess VR will feature, so... keep reading

ebarrera said...

try out: